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My love for airplanes and aviation history runs deep. When I was young, the world of aviation captured my imagination and very early on I was drawing airplanes. My enthusiasm in the great airplanes of the day often got in the way of my schooling, which led my eighth grade teacher to comment how I "best pay attention to my studies because I would never make a living drawing airplanes." Well, thank goodness she was wrong.

After art school, I gravitated to the advertising business and made it my career. From bullpen artist, to art director then to creative director, I learned the craft of producing quality visual communications. My years of experience brought me into the digital age with a unique combination of skills.

My mission here, is to introduce my work to you— the professional communicator.



I provide custom illustrations to book and magazine publishers to accent and compliment historical and technical editorial content. I cherish the relationships I have with aviation authors. Aircraft manufacturers, corporations and advertising agencies contract me to create visual solutions for their advertising and marketing communications. Museum professionals rely on my services to provide aviation displays. These exhibit graphics range from large wall-size murals to custom designed posters and promotional literature.

Getting the right match of artist and assignment is important. Working with talented writers, editors and authors who have provided me with rare resource material like original factory drawings, sketches and proprietary photographs of major significance, has given me a depth of understanding of the form and function of aircraft design. I guess the best way to put it is: I illustrate what I know, not just what I see.

My job as an artist is to bring excitement and visual accuracy to each assignment, and as an illustrator, do it within the parameters of your budget and schedule.

In the following pages are some samples of my past work. If you would like to discuss your project please contact me. There is no obligation.


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