Ted Williams Aviation Artist Reviews




"Ted brings to his aircraft portraits a rare combination– the soul of an artist and a love of aviation. An artist will capture the grace, the beauty, the smooth aerodynamic line of a fighter plane; Ted does this as well, but he adds a close-up dimension rich in detail."

Dave Ostrowski Editor, Skyways Journal

"While the text portion of this book is excellent, the artwork is outstanding. Each airplane discussed includes a clear and detailed three-view drawing, and a stunning four color artist's rendering The detail of these elements make this a must-have book for those who are looking for great scale documentation."

Bob Hunt Editor, Model Aviation Magazine

"Anyone familiar with the artistry of Ted Williams will be thrilled with the full color illustrations that he brings to us in this handsome volume…this beautiful book can easily be seen as the "first" book of a new generation of enthusiasts."

Dan Hagedorn, Aviation editor, author and Museum of Flight curator

"A noted aviation historian, Williams is known for the accuracy and artistry of his renderings... and has devoted much of his career to chronicling fighter aircraft evolution..."

Military History Magazine

"Ted Williams is a noted authority on aviation history with a particular interest in American fighter aircraft. His award winning aircraft illustrations have graced the pages of many magazines, journals and books... in summary this is a well written and pleasingly presented historical reference work that provides the perfect vehicle for displaying Ted Williams’ impressive artwork."


Along with the text, there are photographs, a diagram of the aircraft with specifications, and a beautifully illustrated painting by Ted Williams. The illustrations alone are worth the price of the book.

William A. Nardo, Docent, National Air and Space Museum